Anti-fascism and anti-discrimination

The Department for Anti-Fascism and Anti-discrimination wants to actively lead the fight against all forms of discrimination, on the one hand by acting as a contact for those affected and on the other hand by trying to prevent discrimination with educational work and actions. Racism, hostility towards Muslims, antiziganism, anti-Semitism, classism, (hetero-)sexism, anti-feminism, in other words any form of group-related hostility towards people have no place at our university. Especially at a time when radical right-wing groups such as the AfD or the Identitarian Movement are gaining more and more support in the middle of society, it is important to resolutely counteract them. Hatred of everything (supposedly) foreign has long since ceased to take place only behind closed doors, but expresses itself at regulars’ tables, in schools, at work or at universities. The university as a place of enlightenment should resist this hatred and be a protective space for all those affected. In concrete terms, services and contact points for those affected should be expanded and set up, demonstrations and actions organized and supported, and workshops and lectures offered. Cooperation partners are university initiatives and offices as well as actors from the urban society.

Concerns of the current department for anti-fascism and anti-discrimination:

Events on the topics of structural racism, NSU 2.0 and other right-wing terrorist networks, the humanitarian catastrophe in the Mediterranean, anti-Semitic terror as in Halle.
Engagement with the local right-wing scene (fraternities, “Gelbe Westen”, etc.)
Burschi reader and rally
Support and travel to regional demonstrations

Lukas Spelkus, Lea Bruns and Younis Zobi