The Department for Anti-Fascism and Anti-discrimination wants to actively lead the fight against fascism and any form of discrimination, on the one hand by educating about different forms of fascism and supporting resistance against them. On the other hand, by acting as a contact person for those affected and trying to prevent discrimination with educational work and actions. Anti-Semitism, hostility towards Muslims, racism (also against Rom:nja and Sinti:zze), anti-feminism, sexism and LGBTQI* hostility, rejectionism and classism, i.e. any form of group-related hostility towards people and any fascist ideas have no place at our university. Especially at a time when radical right-wing parties or groups like the AfD are gaining more and more support in the middle of society and when attacks against Jewish, Muslim and migrant people are on the rise, it is important to counteract them resolutely. Hatred of everything supposedly foreign has long since ceased to take place only behind closed doors, but expresses itself at regulars’ tables, in schools, at work, at universities or on the street. The university, as a place of enlightenment, should resist this hatred and be a protective space.

We will expand offers and contact opportunities for those affected. Specifically, we want to become more approachable for those affected, make the problem of discrimination at the university more visible and take a firm stand against it. Furthermore, we organize and support demonstrations and actions and offer workshops and lectures. Whether these events take place online or in person depends on the current pandemic situation at the time and will be communicated in good time. Cooperation partners are all those who stand up against fascism and discrimination in their basic attitude.

Specifically, we want to strengthen, realize and further pursue

  • Promote interculturality and diversity
  1.    through an intercultural excursion during the freshman week
  2.    with the demand for halal, kosher and vegan food at the cafeteria or the offer of national dishes
  • Establishment of a reporting office for incidents of discrimination
  • Support for those affected, among other things, as a confidential mediation body
  • Processing of incidents of discrimination on the basis of solidarity with those affected
  • Dealing with the local right-wing scene (fraternities, lateral thinking movement, etc.)
  • Dealing with the accessibility at the university as well as in the AStA with the aim of improving it.
  • Establishment of rooms of silence

Contact us: We are available to you as confidential contact persons for all matters concerning anti-fascism and anti-discrimination. We take all your concerns seriously and try to help you and/or mediate concretely. Bekir Yılan, Michael Siebert, Jenny Jörges and Hatice Korkmaz