Since the winter semester 2019/2020, the Autonomous Auxiliary Staff Office (AHKR) has been looking after the interests of student and academic auxiliary staff at Justus Liebig University. As part of the AStA, the department acts as an active representation of the interests of student assistants vis-à-vis the JLU. The department also strives to network with Hessen and nationwide initiatives (such as TVStud) and unions (GEW and Verdi), as well as cooperating with the staff representatives and the JLU’s Mittelbau initiative (just_unbefristet) itself.

In order to represent you adequately, it is important for us to know where the proverbial – and sometimes actual – shoe pinches. So if you have problems with your superiors or the university administration, if it takes too long to draw up your contracts or if you simply have to work too much, you are welcome to contact us. But of course you can also contact Henning Tauche and Tobias Hoffman ( or