In the coming year, the cultural department would like to work for more cultural participation by students. The existing offers are to be maintained or expanded in part and made accessible for little money. Increased attention should be paid to which events and exhibitions are taking place in and around Giessen in order to negotiate reduced admission fees and to promote the exhibitions so that more students can participate in cultural offerings.

Concern of the current Department of Culture:

  • Establish a campus festival on the university campus in cooperation with local musicians* (band exchange) with workshops on various topics, such as the topic of sustainability and art.
  • Improvement of the concept for AStA parties (better advertising, functioning shuttle service, a central location, awareness team)
  • Smaller soli-evenings and -parties (e.g. for Rojava with an appropriate cultural program or to finance seedlings for planting actions)
  • Poetry Slams with local artists or also with well-known slammers
  • Organize clothing swap parties and have them take place regularly if necessary.
  • Establishment of quiet rooms for students