Students can help shape their university culturally and politically. The Department of Culture is responsible for the cultural programme and cultural participation for JLU students. In addition to maintaining existing offers such as the outdoor pool and theatre flat rate and the Gießen46erTicket, we are also committed to expanding cultural offers. In addition to organising parties, we enable you to enjoy discounted admission through partnerships such as the “Stadt Ohne Meer” festival or the Giessen Summer of Culture and are represented there and at other events such as the night dance demo. At the same time, we support and cooperate with various other cultural initiatives, projects and events, such as the critical introduction week, the theatre machine or MUSAIK. The aim of the department is not just to help organise cultural, political and student events, but also to provide support for the student councils etc. so that you can plan and implement your projects and events independently.

For you in the department are:

  • Clemens Berger, 25 studies L3
  • Michelle Dickopf, 22 studies L3
  • Silja Hampel, 24 studies Geography

You can reach us at: