Refund of the semester ticket in the summer semester 2024

There are exceptipns tot he obligation to pay contributions tot he semester ticket. Therefore, refunds can be applied for at the AStA-Office under ceratin conditions. In case of a refund, the RMV/NVV logo will be removed from the chip card and is therefore invaild as an RMV/NVV ticket für the entire semester. The cancellation cannot be reversed.


Please note!

  • Applications can be submitted immediately and ONLY UNTIL 10 MAY 2024! Applications received after 10 May 2024 cannot be considered. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions!
  • Please contact us by phone or email at The office hours are currently Monday-Friday from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.
  • Please make sure that you never submit applications twice. Please read the information sheet. You can find the applications and the information sheet for winter semester 23-24 under Downloads.
  • If the application is complete, we can transfer the money from the beginning of the semester. If you have any questions, problems or uncertainties, please contact our office in good time.
  • Applications for semesters abroad must be submitted BEFORE departure!
  • Please submit applications directly to us together with the validated chip card for the summer semester 2024 (with the date 30 September 2024).
  • All validated chip cards for the summer semester 2024 must always be presented here in the original by the end of the deadline, either by yourself or friends.
  • Pure job tickets (RMV only) do NOT allow a refund!

The procedure in the summer semester 2024 (after you have read the information sheet!) is not in any order:

  • Re-register at JLU in good time and always transfer the full semester fee for the summer semester 2024 there.
  • Cancellation of the chip card: Write an email to the Student Secretariat ( and ask them to delete the ticket for the summer semester 2024 from your matriculation number in the JLU system and send YOU a confirmation.
  • AFTER you have received the confirmation from the Student Secretariat about the deletion of the ticket in the system by e-mail, insert the chip card into one of the machines and then present it here Mon-Thu between 9.30 am and 1.30 pm without the RMV/NVV logo (=validated) and with the date 30.09.2024 and hand in the paper documents. Please send as few emails as possible, as we will no longer be able to process them towards the end of the deadline.
  • ALL points must be completed by 10 May 2024 at the latest (DEADLINE)! Please do it early!
  • Fill in the appropriate application form on your PC, print it out and sign it. Submit the original receipt as requested in the information sheet and application (together with the original cancelled chip card), this is the quickest way for everyone. Before 10.05.2024. NEVER submit twice!
  • A friend can also present the original card for you! In case of problems or long distances, ask the office for solutions in good time.
  • This means that you no longer have a ticket for public transport on your student ID card until the end of the semester! The cancellation cannot be reversed!
  • Before you come here, please check the office hours on the AStA homepage! Check shortly beforehand whether the office is actually occupied on that day!
  • We are allowed to transfer money at the beginning of the semester, but from mid-May onwards this is often no longer possible until July due to the mass of incoming applications. We are also often unable to answer emails by then!

Here are the locations of the JLU validation machines:

  • University Library, Otto-Behaghel-Str. 8
  • Campus Law and Economics: The station is in copy room 33b, Licher Str. 68
  • University Computer Centre: In front of the service area, next to the display case, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 44
  • Student secretariat, Goethestraße 58


You can find the applications and the information sheet for winter semester 23-24 under Downloads.


The earlier the application is submitted and complete, the better! You can transfer from 01.04.2024!