Dear students with children and those who want to become students,

We, the Autonomous Family Office, are committed to the interests of student parents and are here to help you with questions and problems concerning studying with a child.

How can we help you?

For students with children

  • We advise you on questions concerning the organization of your studies with a child.
  • We listen to your problems while studying with a child and continuously work to improve the compatibility of studying and parenthood.
  • If you have specific questions about financing, housing, or special offers for students with children, such as babysitting allowance or U3 daycare, we will put you in touch with the relevant offices without you having to click through the digital jungle.
  • We help you with the creation of disadvantage compensations and stand up for your rights.
  • We would like to facilitate a regular exchange between students with children at JLU.

For first-year students with children

  • We will help you get started with your studies
  •  If you missed the introductory week or if you still have questions, we will go over them with you in peace and quiet (by arrangement, we can also help you arrange your schedule; in this case, we need to know your course of study in advance).
  • We help you to network with other students with children

For prospective students with a child or students planning a family

  • We answer your concrete questions about how studying with a child could look like.
  • We are happy to share our personal experiences with you and prepare you for studying with a child.udium mit Kind vor
Office hours: by appointment

Helpful links (only in German, sorry for that):

Studienberatung für Studierende mit Kind (ZSB)

Familienservicestelle des Studentenwerks

U3-Kitas für Studierende mit Kind

Allgemeine Informationen der JLU zu Angeboten, Maßnahmen und speziellen Regelungen

Who are we?

So that you know who your contact persons are, we would like to introduce ourselves briefly below.

My name is Christian Müller. I am studying inclusive education and elementary education with a focus on education and rehabilitation for people with intellectual disabilities and extracurricular learning support. I am available as a contact person for all parents and guardians to answer your questions or to support you with problems.