Dear students,

as the General Student Committee (AStA – the representation of the student body at the JLU) we would like to welcome you to our university and to Giessen!

For most of you, this is the beginning of a completely new phase in your lives. You will learn exciting and less exciting things, make new friends, get lost in the university and many of you will discover a previously unknown city. In addition to the usual big and small obstacles at the start of your studies, you can expect many more challenges than usual this winter semester because of Corona. Your first semester at JLU will be characterized by online lectures and exams that you will probably write in gyms and with a mask over your face.

But don’t let this get you down! After all, hard times have always brought us closer together. And so you will certainly stick together with your fellow students and receive support from your lecturers, be it in small groups or online. To help you get started in this phase of your life, we have compiled all kinds of important information about the university and life in Giessen in the “Chaos Advisor”.

First of all, there is a short overview of what the AStA is, you will learn about university politics and which departments there are in the AStA. After that you can find out in which university political lists or student councils you can get involved and what is hidden behind mysterious abbreviations like StuPa or FSK.

Afterwards, we will explain some important terms that you will surely have to deal with during your studies. In addition, there’s some exciting information about studying abroad and everything to do with rent and housing.

Finally, there is the most exciting part of the Chaos Guide, where you can find out what you can do in Giessen when you don’t have to study. Last but not least, there are many exciting initiatives that you can get involved with.

We wish you a great start to your studies and hope that you will settle in quickly in Giessen despite Corona.

Best wishes AStA