The Department for University Policy performs its representational function, information function and constant cooperation with the other AStA departments. In addition, the networking and exchange with the with the city of Giessen, the president of the JLU, and other political and actors in the foreground. Furthermore, it is elementary to ensure equal opportunities for all students at the JLU for all students at JLU and to remove any barriers. The participation in university life is the focus. This includes independent financing of studies, including the funding of universities by the federal and universities by the federal and state governments. Our long-term goal is to shape the transformation process at the university for the students. Social. Ecological. Just.

Specifically, we want to strengthen, realize and pursue:

I. External university policy

– Collaboration in the state conferences of aesthetics; furthermore, we want to

the possibilities for the (institutionalized) state student representation should be

be reviewed

– Networking with alliance partners beyond Hesse (e.g. fzs, ABS,

GEW/DGB, Lernfabriken meutern); in particular the common range is to be used

– use internal contacts to the state and federal parliaments for higher education policy purposes.


II. Internal university policy

– Establish a Jour Fix with the city of Gießen, in particular to establish contacts

with the new mayor, since a student perspective in Giessen is valuable and important for the city

– Goal of a university advisory board to involve and gather all status groups from universities and city politics at one public table

– Maintain and cultivate Jour Fix with the JLU presidium, as well as affirm other units to bring in issues

– City talks, i.e. inviting citizens to bring their questions or ideas to the attention of researchers

to researchers and to exchange ideas

– Introduction of a student representation in the university council


III. visibility and representation

– Use tools such as online surveys on Stud.IP to ask students e.g. about public transport accessibility (transport associations and means of transport)

– “Advertising during and in teaching”

– Strengthening the visibility of the AStA

– City politics mulled wine stand with query of interests

– Presentation and visibility of the AStA in the Seltersweg, at the Lahnwiesen,

the library, etc.

– Strengthen the position of the AStA in the student body and show presence,

for example through stands on campus or through a JLU meme page for university politics.

IV. Projects

– Critical introductory week with alternative offers for freshmen in an interdisciplinary way, i.e. with the other departments

– Accompany and inform about BAföG reform