With the semester ticket you have the opportunity to be mobile throughout Hesse by public transport at low cost!

This means that there is no longer any limit to our mobility in Hesse. Buses and trains also bring us home safely for weekend or evening activities. But also for our trip to the university we are not dependent on the already crowded parking lot to search for a gap for a place and also save our wallet and the environment. Firstly, it is much cheaper to travel with the semester ticket than by car and secondly, in times of climate change, it is advisable to do one’s bit to prevent further deterioration in this respect.

All in all, it can be said that the semester ticket is very popular, which can be seen, for example, in the votes on the semester ticket in plenary meetings.


the postponement one month before the start of the semester benefits first-year students in particular). All means of transport included in the RMV and NVV (city and regional buses, subways, streetcars, the included local trains of the Deutsche Bahn) can be used with the student ID in the area of validity free of charge.

The lines can be taken from the RMV– & NVV-timetables.

Unfortunately, the ticket is not valid for IC and EC trains. Unfortunately, Deutsche Bahn does not want to negotiate such a regulation with the AStA in the future, which is why this will probably not come in the foreseeable future (more information here).


The student ID card is valid as a ticket. An ID card is not necessary if the photo ID (the chip card) is used. In the case of a provisional student ID card, an ID card or passport must be shown for identification. For security reasons, the provisional student ID (mainly concerns freshmen) should not be laminated or shrink-wrapped tightly, as it could be assumed that such IDs are forged.

Connecting rides

Basically, there are no connecting tickets to areas outside the AStA ticket except to the VAB (e.g. in the direction of Aschaffenburg and Gemünden). If you want to travel to Heidelberg, Mannheim or even further within the VRN, you can get cell phone tickets via app.

For a trip to Siegen you have to buy a one-way ticket from Dillbrecht to Siegen in the price level 3S at the WestfalenTarif price of 5,40 €.

Bicycle transport

Bicycles can be taken along free of charge within the area of validity of your semester ticket.

However, there is no entitlement that you will be taken along with your bicycle. People who are dependent on a wheelchair and people with baby carriages have priority, of course. In addition, the individual transport companies can also restrict bicycle transport at certain times or in certain buses and trains. In cases of conflict or capacity bottlenecks, the staff will decide whether you can still take your bike with you. Tip: Folded bicycles are considered luggage and can therefore always be taken along. If necessary, this information can also be found here: Bicycle transport RMV & NVV.