Digitization, study and teaching

The Digitization, Studies and Teaching unit aims to represent students in their dealings with the university and to work towards improving teaching and learning conditions, shaping the digitization process in the interests of students, introducing autonomous tutorials and promoting interdisciplinary exchange. The aim is to adopt positive developments in digitization from the pandemic, to provide impetus for the continuation of digital formats and to enable all students, taking into account their individual prerequisites and life situations, to study smoothly and on their own responsibility. The student perspective and co-determination is the basis of the unit’s work. The Department for Digitization, Studies and Teaching defines itself as a contact point for students with questions and concerns regarding studies and teaching. As a student institution, we want to represent the individual students together with the student councils.

Contact us: If you have questions or concerns about studying and teaching, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to be available as contact persons for you. We take all your concerns seriously and will try to help you. dsl@asta-giessen.de

I. Digital Teaching

· student co-determination and consideration of the student perspective in the design of studies

· Improving the teaching and learning culture in digital and hybrid semesters

· Ensuring equal opportunities in online teaching.


II. introduction of autonomous tutorials and promotion of interdisciplinary exchange

· Publicize existing offerings for good teaching (ZfbK courses, CoffeeLectures, university sports, materials on ILIAS).

· Introduction of autonomous tutorials

· Reading Week

· Lectures by students for students


III. teaching and studies

· Central learning room finder

· Lecture-free week before exams

· Enable students to complete exams flexibly through multiple exam dates, online exams, and free elective options

· At least one retake date for the exam in each module in the same semester

· At least 1/3 elective modules per course available at JLU 14

· Announce exam dates at the beginning of the semester