Digitalization, study and teaching


We are the department for digitalization, studies and teaching.

Our main concern is to improve the quality of studies at JLU.

Especially with regard to the current situation and the accompanying conversion from classroom to digital teaching, we would like to work to ensure that all students are able to study smoothly and independently, taking into account their individual prerequisites and life situations.

In addition to improving teaching and learning conditions, we as the DSL unit are committed to shaping the digitization process, introducing autonomous tutorials, and promoting interdisciplinary exchange.

Furthermore, the DSL department sees itself as a contact point for topics and concerns related to studying and teaching and would like to represent the students in the discussion with the university.

Our topics and concerns at a glance:

A smooth implementation of digital teaching without disadvantages for students.
Introduction of autonomous tutorials
Promotion of an interdisciplinary exchange
DSL-Referat as a contact point for questions and problems regarding the topics of study and teaching.

Get in touch with us:

If you have any questions or concerns about studying and teaching, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to be available as contact persons for you. We take all your concerns seriously and will try to help you.

Clemens Berger, Johanna Kruse and Ragna Diemer