The Department of Political Education is committed to providing information and education on current issues at the university. It is also a student contact point for all students as well as for various initiatives and political groups. This term, we would like to focus on the upcoming EU elections in 2024, the effects of New Public Management on our university, the reappraisal of JLU’s role during the Nazi era and several documentary projects on student self-administration at our university.

We are also trying to create an advanced programme of events for students that picks up on current academic discourse and passes it on. We want to work and advertise with informative readers and handouts, especially to increase direct attention to current topics in our department. At the same time, the Department of Political Education aims to provide students with alternative approaches so that they can study their subject in a self-determined and critical manner.

We would also like to see the continuation, professionalisation and increased promotion of our “Stud* et al.” podcast with regular publication of new editions and thus also the expansion of student participation. We would also like to offer reading groups on relevant topics in the future and realise them in an appealing way for students.

In general, current topics should be critically analysed, taking into account the possibility of maintaining a generally socio-critical perspective. In our “Stud* et al.” podcast, we will soon be incorporating topics such as discrimination and racism, which have an impact in our society and at our university, as these everyday phenomena should be given more attention. Otherwise, we continue to deal with the topics internally and within the framework of various projects: Sustainability, climate change, social justice, sex and gender, housing shortages for students and many other important and topical issues.


Selma Anais Boradshiewa, Ceren Yildirim, Fabian Maas and Fabian Josten