The Department of Political Education is responsible for the educational work at the university (and beyond) and is also a student contact for other initiatives or political groups. For the current legislative period, we have chosen the main topics of anti-Semitism, climate crisis and the upcoming Bundestag elections, which we will address primarily through (digital) educational events and a student podcast as a continuation of the “Stud* et al. series and publish the corresponding material. In view of the recent increase in anti-semitic incidents and the steadily increasing social polarization, we polarization in society, we consider further education and reflection in the field of anti-semitism and would like to make an important contribution with the help of our unit.

The climate crisis has also become more important for society as a whole than ever before, and it
poses immense challenges for society and politics. For example, emissions, environmental pollution and destruction, and other consequences of man-made climate change. Consequences of man-made climate change continue to call for urgent action and awareness-raising.
Need for action and awareness-raising. Finally, towards the end of this legislative period, we are also looking forward to the elections to the 20th German Bundestag towards the end of this legislative period, which means we are in a politically relevant and future-oriented time that points the way to the future. Accordingly, motivation, mobilization of voters and arousing political interest are fundamental. Arousing political interest are fundamental tasks for this unit.
We would like to contribute to the political discourse and general politicization in various ways.
and the general politicization, as well as to provide interested parties with the basis for the analysis and criti
discourses and relations.