The Finance Department is responsible for ensuring that the AStA’s financial resources are used transparently and sustainably. This also includes supporting the diverse engagement formats of the politically, culturally and socially active student body. To this end, all upcoming tasks should be completed smoothly and regularly – at least once a week – in accordance with legal requirements and in consultation with the AStA’s office staff and a tax consultant. At the beginning of the legislative period, the student body’s budget will be drawn up in accessible language and clearly organised based on the legal requirements and the comments of the State Court of Auditors. The definition of individual budget items should be clear. Concerns of the Department of Finance:

an inventory of tangible assets should be promoted
the modalities of reimbursements should be simplified for applicants, insofar as they can be implemented safely and cost-effectively

Melissa Pfeiffer, Mika Bartelt and Simin Mulch