In the Department of Transport and Infrastructure, Johannes Rövenich and Johannes Grewe take care of all matters relating to mobility and transport at JLU. This includes fixed tasks such as negotiating the conditions for your semester ticket and expanding the bike hire system with nextbike. With our newly negotiated conditions, you can rent bikes in many German cities; you can find an overview below. Other projects include creating new parking spaces for your bikes, campaigning for new railway stations near the university and accessibility in all areas of the university.

In all of these projects, we aim to work closely with the other departments in our AStA, the AStA of the THM, various initiatives in Giessen – for example the Verkehrswende – and the city of Giessen.

We are particularly proud of our “E-LAStA” cargo bike, which you can borrow free of charge from our partner “das ALLrad”. You need an account with “das ALLrad” to borrow one. Click here to go directly to the “E-LAStA”.

We are currently in talks with the transport associations in Hesse to enable the implementation of the Deutschland-Ticket for students at Justus Liebig University. We will also be in contact with you students in this regard – via the AstA website and the associated social media.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, write to us at:

Looking for information about the semester ticket? You can find answers about the ticket here and about refunds here.

If you want to find out more about the JLU and THM bike hire system, you can find the information here.