The Department of Ecology and Climate Justice has set itself the goal of creating an environmentally friendly student community and strengthening the connection to the university and the student union. We are Felix, Malte, Pat and Sina. Felix is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Malte has just started studying Environment and Global Change, Pat is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Sina is doing her Master’s in Ecotrophology.

Sina and Pat are your contacts for questions about the canteen/nutrition, the sustainable university focus or exciting lectures and events. We raise awareness of sustainable behaviour through exciting lectures, interactive workshops, plant and clothes swap markets and creative events such as the “Mensa Take-Over”. In addition to the expansion of green spaces, we are committed to ecological university catering, want to expand the variety of plant-based dishes and fight against food waste.

As part of the AStA’s work, the campus garden has emerged, which Felix and Malte look after alongside other committed individuals.
The Green Pavilions campus garden is primarily a place for networking by students for students. It is located on the NaWi campus behind the IFZ, adjacent to the Carl Vogt House. The garden consists of pavilions and a construction container in which a field kitchen is installed, biodiversity areas with extensive flowering meadows and borders, a greenhouse and vegetable patches. Fruit trees, shrubs and climbing plants are planted throughout the area.
In future, the campus garden will offer

  • Recreation/place to learn
  • Workshops on exciting topics in the areas of permaculture, composting, pruning, biodiversity promotion, pottery, fermentation, etc.
  • Event, teaching and networking centre
  • Community gardening
  • Cookery events, including processing your own harvest
  • Ongoing design of the garden and its structures
  • A place for self-realisation for students

We would also like to work with local initiatives and community groups and build a bridge to environmentally friendly and sustainable involvement in civil society.  We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions and/or are interested in our projects!

Felix, Malte, Pat and Sina