The Department of Housing and Social Affairs plans to do all it can to help students cope with the increasingly acute financial and housing situation. Although the department alone cannot create housing, pressure is to be exerted at all possible levels for adequate financing of studies and appropriate housing situations. On a local level, the Studentenwerk, the Wohnheimtutor*innenprogram (WoTuPro) and the city of Gießen are the most important contacts. Furthermore, political cooperation with other actors such as the fzs, other student councils, trainee representatives, etc. is planned.

We as ASTA of the Justus Liebig University solidarize with the squatters of Kultlab2210, who in 2018 occupied the university’s house in Senkenbergstraße 5, which had been vacant for years. We want to get in touch with the Kultlab activists* and resume the demands for housing, education and co-determination for all. We also want to continue the talks with the university presidium from last year about the self-managing space in Giessen demanded by Kultlab.

  1. dormitories Initiate the use of empty rooms
    Create sports fields
    Design green spaces and, if necessary, set up gardens and raised beds
    Create or supplement leisure and sports facilities
    Transparency in the allocation of dormitory places (waiting list; emergency accommodation, e.g. arranged via the AStA)
    Strengthen connections to public transport (e.g. Unterhof-Berliner Platz)
  2. social issues Advocacy for BAföG independent of parents
    Support actions for fair student financing
    Advise students with insufficient study financing
    Advocate for education as a human right to be freely accessible to all.
    Advance social co-determination at the university
  3. public relations Department as contact person for problems
    Create or renew information material
    Demonstrations and other actions on the catastrophic situation of the housing situation (if necessary in cooperation with other affected groups such as trainees, pensioners or welfare recipients).
    Problematize vacancy