We at the Department of Housing and Social Affairs in Giessen support you, students, in coping with the increasingly acute financial and housing-related challenges. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring that students can adequately finance their living expenses without this affecting their studies, for example by working excessively long hours in a part-time job. In addition, we are committed to fair and sustainable housing conditions in Giessen and are calling for increased efforts by the city and university to provide affordable housing for students.

Our current projects include extending the accommodation period in emergency accommodation, expanding sports facilities in halls of residence and promoting transparency in the allocation of accommodation in student halls of residence. We are also planning to create a study room for the halls of residence on Grünberger Straße and Eichendorffring and to set up food rescue cabinets at the halls of residence modelled on food sharing.

We are also committed to realistic KFW funding without debt traps, parent-independent student grants and fair student financing options. We are also working on a guide to important financial topics, such as tips on finding a job and accommodation, savings suggestions and information on entitlements to assistance and financing options.

We are also planning to organise offer/search/exchange exchanges in the form of WhatsApp groups for the halls of residence to promote sustainability and save money.

As contact persons, we are available to help students with financial difficulties or housing problems and offer support when problems arise.

Your advisors
Gabriel Abdi, Niclas Goldbach and Johann Jonas

Contact: woso@asta-giessen.de