nextbike Leihräder mit Aufschrift JLU und AStA-Logo die an einer Leihstation aufgereiht stehen.

Since 2018, JLU has been facilitating the environmentally friendly mobility of students with a bike rental system and networking the various campus areas even better. There are now 360 rental bikes at 17 stations. All interested parties can use the rental bike system provided by the operator nextbike – you, as a student at JLU, can even get special conditions.

The Justus Liebig University of Gießen (JLU) has expanded its bike rental system together with the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM) and the respective AStes: From now on, a total of 360 seven-speed „Ecobikes“ from the operator nextbike are available at 17 stations in the campus areas of JLU and THM as well as in the area of the Gießen train station, 300 of which are in JLU blue and 60 in THM green.

Whether blue JLU bike or green THM bike: all rental bikes can be used by JLU students, but also by all other interested parties. Those who are registered can also use the Nextbikes in all German cities (except Bremen, Nuremberg, Kiel and on Usedom).
For you as a student there are no additional costs for the first 60 minutes of each rental. You can rent up to 3 bikes at the same time and thus be on the road with your friends* at any time in an environmentally friendly way.
You pay 1,50€ for the 60 free minutes per ride with the semester fee. After 45 free minutes a tariff of 1€ per 30 minutes and a maximum of 5€ per day applies. After a break of 15 minutes you can rent a new bike with free minutes.

Prerequisite for the use is an individual registration in the nextbike system. As a student, you can use the first 60 minutes of each ride free of charge if you choose the partner JLU via your semester fee. Registered students can also use nextbikes in all German cities (except Bremen, Nuremberg, Kiel and on Usedom). On the map below you can see in which German cities you can rent Nextbikes.

The booking is possible via nextbike-App and the nextbike-hotline 030 69205046. If you are registered with nextbike, you can also use all other nextbike systems – worldwide.


As a student at JLU you will receive the special conditions after individual user registration under the special link „Campusbike“ from nextbike – the system authenticates the student status.
You can also simply register in the nextbike app.

You have to authenticate yourself at nextbike at the beginning of each new semester (15th of May or 15th of November) to continue to receive the special conditions. You will be notified by nextbike 14 days before the deadline and will receive a link to re-authenticate.


You can rent a bike via app.
Scan the QR code or enter the bike number. The frame lock on the rear wheel opens automatically.
Alternatively, you can also borrow a bike via the nextbike hotline +49 (0) 30 69205046 and transfer titles to Citavi-Projekt using this ISBN.

Up to four bikes can be borrowed simultaneously on one account.

Riding break

Selecting the parking function while a bike rental is in progress (within the nextbike App) allows you to take a break and then lock the bike outside of stations. In the app you can stop the parking function at any time, the lock opens automatically. Therefore never end the parking mode remotely.
Other users* will not have access to the bike during this time. However, the ride time continues to run as no return is made. If the free minutes quota is exceeded, a usage fee (according to the current regulations of nextbike) will be charged.

For the repeated use of 60 free minutes each, an interruption of at least 15 minutes is required for return.


A return is only possible at designated stations.
Press the small lever on the frame lock down. A signal tone indicates the return of the bike. Update your app to make sure that the rental has ended. Check the map to see where you can return bikes.

If a station is overcrowded, you can park and return your bike within a radius of about 20 m around the station sign.

If you park your rental bike outside the radio range of approx. 20 m you will be charged a penalty fee.

Overfilled as well as empty stations will be redistributed regularly by a service team of nextbike.

In case of acute problems please contact the service provider directly, via hotline or e-mail For suggestions and criticism you can contact

German cities where you can use Nextbikes: