Attention: Changes due to the Covid 19 pandemic

Legal advice is available for an indefinite period of time only by telephone, from 12am – 1pm (or Thursdays also from 1pm – 2pm), with the lawyer who has office hours on that day.


12am to 1pm
Tenancy and General law: Michael Roth
Phone: 0641-93 28 00 Email:


12am to 1pm
BAföG law, Family law: Anette Klemm
Tel: 06406-509 98 25 EMail:


12am to 1pm
Tenancy and General law: Susanne Eue
Phone: 0641-970 98 80 Email:


1am to 2pm
Law concerning foreigners: Jan Plischke
Phone: 06403-7797170 Email:
You can send Mr. Plischke your consultation requests by email on Thursdays, he will answer them during office hours.

12am to 1pm
Social and general law Frank Lechner
Tel: 0641-970 96 60 EMail:

Attention: Legal advice is only free of charge and possible at the times indicated.